Hair No More guarantees super-fast, safe and painless hair removal. Using SMARTDiode technology – endorsed by leading medical experts – our equipment is the latest in laser hair removal, and targets unwanted facial and body hair. The result: smooth hair-free skin and a dramatic reduction in re-growth.

​How does SMARTDiode laser hair reduction work?

The advanced treatment harnesses wavelengths of low energy light which are rapidly pulsed across the skin (180 times per minute), gently heating hair follicles and destroying them whilst preventing future re-growth.

The procedure is quick, easy and painless as unlike traditional laser or IPL which use high energy levels that cause discomfort, Hair No More provides a pleasant warming experience. The post-treatment cooling function through the applicator (capable of -4°C) soothes and provides comfort in even the most sensitive areas.

​Suitable for all skin types

The advanced SMARTDiode technology is suitable for all skin types including fair, dark and even tanned complexions. The treatment is available for both men and women in a variety of areas including:

Legs Underarms Bikini area  Upper lip Back Chest Stomach Arms Face

For best results we recommend a minimum of 6-8 sessions.

Painless hair removal in 10 minutes

The highly effective, professional and painless hair removal treatment can take as little as 10 minutes and you’ll notice results after your first session.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal

Top Lip £24

Chin £29

Bikini / Half Face £49

Full Face / Half Arms £69

Brazilian / Half Leg (Bottom) / Full Arm £99

Hollywood / Half Leg (Top) / Back £129

Full Leg £169

Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Centre Brow / Ear £29

Back or Front of Neck £49

Underarme £69

Chest or Abdomen / Beard & Neck £99

Half Arm £129

Chest & Abdomen / Back / Full Arm / Half Leg £169

Full Leg £199

“I couldn’t believe my hair no more treatment, it was so easy, comfortable, completely pain free and really fast, taking less than 10 minutes”

Amy Childs

Buy 6 sessions and get 2 free on all courses.

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